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A sight for sore eyes

Rooted in the tradition of Danish design, Have A Look presents an extensive range of eyewear in sophisticated colors and styles. Embracing diversity, we offer thoughtfully produced bio-based eyewear, reflecting our commitment to the planet and its people.

Welcome to our world of stylish eyewear with a sharp perspective.

In your face

There is no way to hide your glasses. They are literally in your face. They are the first thing people will notice about you — and the first detail you notice about others. Have A Look ensures that you can always wear your reading glasses or sunglasses with confidence. Our wide range of comfortable, durable, and flawlessly functional frames is designed to suit every occasion, facial shape, and personal style. They're simply stunningly attractive – to the eyes and wallet alike.

At Have A Look, we believe in equal access to indispensable eyewear. Comfortable, resilient, and functionally impeccable, non-prescription glasses should also be affordable and easily accessible through global online purchase and retailers worldwide. Your eyewear from Have A Look is simply stunningly attractive – to the eyes and wallet alike. A guaranteed sight for sore eyes.

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Eyewear with a sharp perspective

At Have A Look, we strive to make a meaningful impact, balancing aesthetics and functionality, while treading lightly on the planet. We prioritize environmental responsibility through transparent procedures, maintaining high production standards, and upholding ethical business practices. Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our sourcing of eco-friendly materials, commitment to reusing packaging, and exclusive use of FSC-certified paper and cardboard. Our bio-based eyewear is thoughtfully produced, reflecting our care for both the planet and its people.

Bio-based frames
The raw material employed for our quality frames is bio-based and made from 45% oil extracted from castor plants. 

Recycled felt cases
Complementary felt cases are crafted from recycled plastic bottles (rPET).

A Pair of Glasses Can Change a life!

Everyone deserves the clarity of vision, but not all have access to glasses. In countries where glasses are scarce and costly, poor eyesight can drastically affect one's ability to learn, get educated, work, and earn a living. A simple pair of glasses can make a profound difference. At Have A Look, we donate all surplus stock we may have. That's why you'll never see a clearance or inventory sale here. Instead, we contribute to organizations and associations where volunteer teams of opticians and eye doctors make extraordinary efforts to assist those with vision problems in places where glasses are a luxury few can afford.

We donate glasses to:

See to it!

Founded in 2012, Have A Look has quickly become a global brand. Today, our playful collections are available for global purchase in our e-shop, and with conveniently located retailers in 21 countries. Have A Look eyewear is designed in Denmark and produced in Taiwan, with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Founder and lead designer, Christina Kattrup Schrøder, is a woman of many talents. Working for decades as a branding and communications specialist, Christina was dedicated to ensuring the success of established lifestyle and designer brands in Denmark. As a true Scandi of impeccable taste, she always supported the idea of democratic design, accessible to everyone. Eventually, having reached an age where she found it hard to read the newspaper – or any regular-sized print for that matter – Christina came to realise that Danish functionalist design left something to be desired when it came to stylish and affordable reading glasses. She made it her purpose to see to it – and Have A Look saw the light of day.