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Accommodating the increasing and imperative demands of an evolving world, sustainable efforts and social responsibility is a huge priority for our brand. Through transparent procedures, high standards for production, and an ethical approach to business management, we hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our daily decisions and activities on the world around us – on people and planet alike.


In our endeavours we work with the utmost respect for the environment. To ensure that we leave behind only the smallest possible carbon footprint, we take every effort to source and employ sustainable materials. 

Our supplier of bio-based plastic uses high-tech solutions to transform natural castor oil into meltable granulate fit for spray moulding. Soft felt cases, complimentary with every pair of glasses, are made from recycled plastic bottles. Scheduled transportation from our production partner in Taiwan to the warehouse in Denmark is by ship as often as possible. We reuse all packaging, when possible, and use FSC-marked paper and cardboard exclusively.


Ever careful to offer a versatile selection of eyewear, we also embrace the opportunity to ensure a heterogenous team of employees, suppliers, and business relations. Locally and globally, we are committed to social responsibility, and we treasure cooperating with partners who share these values. Our team in Denmark is a glorious melting pot of hard-working individuals from many different backgrounds, all dedicated to working together across age, gender, language, and cultural identity. 

The partners and team members of Have A Look are our greatest assets, ensuring that we always challenge our ambitions and keep raising the bar – continually striving to create the eyewear of tomorrow.