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Bifocal Sunglasses Geometric

Bifocal Sunglasses Geometric

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Bifocal sunglasses

Experience the best of both worlds with bifocal sunglasses from Have A Look, thoughtfully designed for those experiencing presbyopia. Perfect for enjoying your surroundings while indulging in a good read under the sun. Our sunglasses offer 100% UV protection with category 3 lenses. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, durable, affordable, and exceptionally stylish. Each pair is thoughtfully designed in Denmark and carefully crafted from bio-based materials, showing respect for both people and the planet.

A Sunglass with dual functionality

Our bifocal sunglasses are cleverly designed with a reading strength in the lower part of the lens, while the upper part features regular sunglass lenses without magnification. Look down, and they serve as outdoor reading glasses; look up, and they perform as standard sunglasses. This dual functionality is practical for outdoor activities, busy days on the move, and generally any sunny day not solely dedicated to reading in your lounger.

Adjusting to bifocal lenses

Many adapt quickly to the bifocal feature, with some becoming so fond of the dual functionality that they switch to exclusively wearing bifocal sunglasses in the sun. However, others may prefer sun readers with full-lens prescription for a larger reading area, especially when diving into lengthy novels or newspapers outdoors.

The Importance of wearing sunglasses

Bifocal sunglasses are not just about enhancing your reading experience in the sun. They also protect your vision and the delicate skin around your eyes. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause damage to the eyes, while the skin around your eyes is thin and particularly vulnerable to UV-related skin damage – including wrinkles. Sunglasses with 100% UV protection filter out these harmful rays and minimize the risk of damage. By choosing quality sunglasses, you're not just investing in immediate reading comfort but also in your long-term well-being and health.