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Blue Light Cateye


Blue light glasses City - amberBlue light glasses City - amber
Blue light glasses City - grey
Blue light glasses City - amber
Blue light glasses City - greyBlue light glasses City - grey
Blue light glasses City - grey
Blue light glasses City - amber
Blue light glasses Mood - amber/blueBlue light glasses Mood - amber/blue

Blue light glasses – shield your eyes in style

Step into a world of comfort and style with blue light glasses from Have A Look — your ultimate ally against digital eye strain. Designed for digital natives, our glasses offer a protective barrier from the harsh blue light of screens without compromising on style. Our collection is not just functional but also fashionable, offering a vast array of colors and designs to complement your unique style and facial contours. Crafted with love in Denmark, our eco-friendly glasses are made from bio-based materials, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and quality.

What Exactly Are Blue Light Glasses?

Our blue light glasses aren't your ordinary spectacles. They come equipped with lenses that block 60% of blue light, safeguarding your eyes from glare and reducing potential eye fatigue, dryness, and strain. More than just protective gear, these glasses are a lifestyle choice, ensuring that your sleep patterns remain undisturbed by the digital world's ever-present glow.

Who Should Consider blue light glasses?

Embrace screen time without compromise with our blue light glasses, designed for everyone from the office warrior to the night owl gamer, and the diligent student to the avid binge-watcher. Say goodbye to the strain of digital glare with our non-prescription options, or achieve perfect clarity with prescription lenses available from +1 to +3 strength. And for those moments away from the screen, our fashionable reading glasses and sun readers await, offering the same visual comfort and style. With our collection, you're covered for every aspect of your digital life and beyond.