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Minus Sunglasses Geometric


NEWMinus sunglasses Edgy - rubyMinus sunglasses Edgy - ruby
Minus sunglasses Edgy - brown
Minus sunglasses Edgy - ruby
NEWMinus sunglasses Edgy - brownMinus sunglasses Edgy - brown
Minus sunglasses Edgy - brown
Minus sunglasses Edgy - ruby

Minus sunglasses

Experience sharp vision under the sun with our negative-strength sunglasses (minus sunglasses), designed for those with mild nearsightedness (myopia) who seek clarity in the sunshine. Available in powers of -1 and -1.5, these sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and feature category 3 lenses. Lightweight and comfortable, durable yet affordable, our shades are exceptionally stylish. Each pair is thoughtfully designed in Denmark and crafted from bio-based materials, reflecting our commitment to people and the planet.

Do I need negative-strength sunglasses?

If nearsightedness makes close objects clear but distant ones blurry, you might struggle to recognize faces across the street or read signs while driving. Negative-strength glasses (minus glasses) sharpen your distance vision. Regular wearers of minus glasses will undoubtedly benefit from our negative-strength sunglasses outdoors or while driving on sunny days.

Am I nearsighted?

Unsure if your vision issues stem from myopia? It's wise to get tested by an optician. The test determines your required negative strength and opticians may offer it free or for a charge. However, you're entitled to take your prescription with you.

Why are sunglasses essential?

Minus sunglasses are more than just a practical, comfortable, and stylish choice; they play a crucial role in protecting your vision and the delicate skin around your eyes. UV rays can damage the eyes, and the skin around your eyes is thin and vulnerable to UV-related damage, including wrinkles. Sunglasses with 100% UV protection filter out harmful rays, reducing the risk of damage. By choosing quality sunglasses, you're investing not just in immediate comfort and style but also in long-term wellness and health.